Grinding Ball Business Division

Grinding Ball Business Division

1.Forged/Hot Rolling Steel Balls: widely used in various mines, cement plants, power plants and chemical industries.

Performance: Through forging, it can eliminate defects such as loose as-cast during the smelting process, optimize the microstructure, and preserve the complete metal streamline at the same time. For forged steel balls to be wear-resistant, the most wear-resistant metal materials must be selected. CTI self develops CTI series of wear-resistant alloy steel materials, which can be adapted to various types of forged steel balls. Forged steel balls are highly praised by customers because of their high cost-effectiveness for grinding, long service life, non-breaking, and roundness.


2.Cast Steel Balls: widely used in various mines, cement plants, power plants and chemical industries.

Cast steel balls can be divided into three categories including high chromium balls, medium chromium balls and low chromium balls. Cast steel balls are produced with different heat treatment and quenching processes due to different materials and processing techniques. CTI company has a patent certificate for producing ultra-high chromium cast balls. The ultra-high chromium cast balls have strong wear resistance and are suitable for super-hard mineral.


1. According to the model of grinding balls used by the mines, CTI has an inventory turnover around 10,000 tons per year, which can not only ensure the stability of product quality when customers urgently need it, but also ensure timely delivery.


2. In order to ensure the bumping and abrasion of the packaging bag during transportation, CTI plans to reinforce the outer packaging and add a layer of stretch film on the outside of the packaging bag to further ensure the integrity of the ton bag during the shipment process.


3.CTI plans to establish a grinding ball production base in a large-scale mines. While ensuring timely supply of mines, it can also reduce the cost of packaging and transportation for mines. It is also conducive to timely docking of mine after-sales service.